July Meeting Theme: Lashings

A Lashing is an arrangement of rope used to secure two or more items together in a somewhat rigid manner. Almost every lashing begins and/or ends with a clove hitch or a timber hitch.

The Timber Hitch is a Half Hitch with an added twist.  The Half Hitch is made by looping a rope around a post or other object, bringing the end around the standing part to take a partial turn, and pulling them in the opposite directions, so that the rope tightens.  To make the Half Hitch hold, the end then must be brought up and around the standing part, then tucked down between the rope and the post.  See figure below.  To make the Timber Hitch bring the rope over and under the side of the loop again, further turns can be taken to triple or quadruple it if needed.
The Clove Hitch is perhaps the simplest of hitches to tie, but sometimes the most confusing to remember how.  By studying what the finished hitch looks like, almost everyone can figure it out.  Begin by wrapping rope around object, crossing over the wrap to make a second pass around the object.  After completing the second wrap, pass the end back under the wrap and pull tight.  See figure below:

Two lashings were covered at the last meeting:

Square Lashing

Diagonal Lashing