PLC Training: Opening Ceremony Ideas #3

These are the third in a series of Opening Ceremony ideas for Planning a Troop Meeting, please also see:

Patriotic Openings

There are many different kinds of patriotic ceremonies.  A single patriotic ceremony, no matter how good, is bound to lose some of its meaning after endless repetition, so be sure to use a variety.

1. Scout 1 (lighting a red candle): The red of my flag is the lifeblood of brave men ready to die or worthily live for this, our country.

Scout 2 (lighting a white candle): The white of my flag is for purity; cleanliness of purpose, thought, word, and deed.

Scout 3 (lighting a blue candle): The blue of my flag is for truth and justice, like the eternal blue of the star-filled heavens.

Scout 4 (while saluting with the other three Scouts):

My flag—the flag of America, home of liberty, land of opportunity, where people of all races and creeds live in peace and friendship together.

2. The troop salutes the flag, gives the Pledge of Allegiance, then sings a verse of any of several patriotic songs.

3. A narrator reads from the writings of authors and poets who have helped us to understand what it means to love our country.