Keeping Logs –> Keeping Blogs

While reading through scouting materials from days gone by, I happened upon a jewel of a little book published in 1951.  It was the tenth in a series called The Patrol Books called Keeping Log Books. Here is a quote:

What a swell opportunity is being missed by so many present day P.L.s in the building up of a strong Patrol tradition.  Are the grand times they and their blokes are having right now not worth recording?  Are not the hopes and ambitions, the mishaps, the achievements of the gang, the snaps of hikes and camps worth keeping for those who follow on to turn up and read with pleasure (and perhaps profit) in the years to come?

There are of course many other reasons for keeping a Log besides providing nostalgic memories for old-times or for the inspiration and encouragement of new members to uphold the good name of the Patrol.  Properly planned and maintained it can give every son-of-a-gun in the gang a chance to express himself by means of the written word in a freer manner than is seldom permitted in school, by pen or pencil sketches or with the aide of a box camera.  Everyone can contribute their share.  It can promote neatness in presentation and good craftsmanship – pride in one’s work is often lacking these days.  Discipline, too, plays a part for it is not a bit of good putting off making the entries until next week.  Those amusing happenins we chuckle at today have a way of being forgotten in the rush of other things.

Observation also has a place in the fun of Log keeping. Scribes should always be on the look-out for the interesting story behind the hundred-and-one incidents which occur in the life of the Patrol.  Jounalist call this “having a nose for news” and more than one newspaper man discovered he had a flair for writing though having a go at keeping the Log as a Scout.

If anyone in the troop would like to contribute to the “Keeping Logs” let one of the adult leaders know, we can create for you an account for authoring directly to right here on the Troop Blog.  In the mean time, I assure you that you will enjoy reading the old time book titled “Keeping Log Books” as much as I did.