PLC Training: Patrol Meeting Agenda

A written patrol meeting agenda can help you plan the meeting and can guide you during the meeting.  Be sure to distribute the agenda to your patrol members in advance so they can arrive prepared to share in the responsibilities.  The agenda you prepare will include these key items:


This can be a call to order or a simple ceremony.  A patrol member can be assigned to research a ceremony to lead that the patrol can later use for a troop meeting ceremony.

  • Scribe takes roll
  • Scribe reads the log of the last meeting.
  • Patrol Leader announces the purpose of the current meeting and discusses the weekly plan and program.
  • Assistant Patrol Leader reviews advancement by patrol members


Items of business may include one or more of the following:

    • Plan for upcoming activities and make assignments
    • Plan menu and duty roster
    • Address new business
    • Discuss the Patrol Leader’s report to be given at Patrol Leader’s Council Meeting (once a month).  This should include advancement or skills needs and opportunities that should be passed along at the PLC Meeting.
    • Check and repair patrol camping equipment
    • Vote on issues that need to be decided
    • Build patrol spirit (yell, flag, song, logo)
    • Ask for ideas on what the patrol members want to do at the next meeting or for a special patrol activity

Skill Activity

Practice a Scouting skill that will be needed in the future or continue to work on skills learned earlier in the troop meeting during the time of skills instructions.


Play a Scouting game related to the skills learned.


Use a brief closing thought by the Patrol Leader or other member of the patrol to end the meeting and remind scouts of the importance of what they are doing.