PLC Training: Opening Ceremony Ideas #1

While the Troop meeting opening ceremony might be usually be as simple as a recitation of the Scout Law and the Pledge of Allegiance, the scouts might enjoy incorporating some variation into the opening ceremony.  Here are some ideas that can be combined or mixed and matched:


Scout Law Openings

1. The Scout Law can be used as 12 separate ceremonies. One ceremony could be devoted to the first point, with a reading of the explanation, as in the following example:

Troop: A Scout is trustworthy.

Senior Patrol Leader: A Scout tells the truth. He keeps his promises. . . .

Eleven meetings later, the subject of the ceremony would be “A Scout is reverent.”

2. The Scout Law is recited by all new Scouts.

3. The newest Scout and the oldest Scout lead the troop in reciting the Scout Law.

4. One point of the Scout Law is assigned to each of 12 boys. Each boy, in turn, takes a step forward, salutes, recites his point of the Law, and steps back in line.


Scout Oath Openings

1. Call the troop to attention. All Scouts give the Scout sign and recite together the Scout Oath and Law.

2. After saying the Scout Oath, read the points of the Scout Law with the Scouts repeating each point, as below:

Scoutmaster/Senior Patrol Leader: A Scout is trustworthy.

Scouts: A Scout is trustworthy.

Continue through all 12 points of the Scout Law.


Troop Flag Openings

1. Salute the troop flag. Give the troop yell or sing the special troop song.

2. The Scouts salute the troop flag and repeat after the senior patrol leader the troop’s special pledge, such as: “As a member of Troop (No.) , I pledge that I shall always strive to be a good member of my patrol. I will take part in all troop activities, advance in Scoutcraft, and act as a Scout at all times.”

3. Form the patrols as spokes of a wheel, with the troop flag in the center. The patrol leaders hold onto the flagpole with the left hand. Behind them, their Scouts place their hands on the shoulder of the boy in front of them. The troop sings an appropriate Scout song, such as “Hail, Hail Scouting Spirit” or “Trail the Eagle.”