Troop 142 Website Introduction

Welcome to the new Troop 142 website. The new website will have areas of varying dynamic content. The most frequently updated area is here… the “News” section. This section also contains the patrol webpages which are created and maintained by the scouts. The news posts are gathered from “contributors” who author the posts and submit them for review. The posts are then “reviewed” by an “Editor” who then publishes them. The contributors can be Scouts, Parents, Committee Members, or Scoutmasters. The visibility settings for every post can be customized to be viewed by the public, those who have a secret password, or only by registered users.

The next most active area of the website will be the “Home” page. Here you will find quick access to upcoming events, top level site navigation, and links to adventure resources. There is also a link to the “Old Site” in case there was something you need there that has not yet been updated on the new pages.

This website will improve with the accumulated contributions of all involved in Troop 142. If you have ideas, content to contribute, or suggestion then please leave a message on one of our many comment sections.