Cut the bottom and top out of the cardboard box. Line the inside and outside with aluminum foil. Seal the seams with foil type duct tape. Cut a piece of cardboard to fit the top. The size needs to be about an inch or so larger than the oven box. Line and seal the same as you did with the oven.

Punch little holes just big enough for the skewers about 2/3 from the bottom. Space the holes evenly all the way across. It is stronger if you roll out a section of foil tape where the holes are going to be punched to prevent tearing of your foil, inside and out.

Place 10-12 coals on the ground and burn them until white in color. Place them evenly inside the oven. Put food on rack and cover with lid. Place a small rock on top to hold it down and prevent it from loosing as much heat. Place a small stick or rock under one end of oven to let it breath.